My five little snowmen for my Ornament Exchange Posted by Hello



I love my family, reading, crochet, PSP, sewing, surfing the net, watching tv, gardening, my kitty, my girlfriends and lots of other things.

My family = My wonderful musician husband who misses professional hockey, my three teen sons who love punk music and skating boarding.

Currently reading = "The Last Juror" - John Grisham

Crochet = WIP's - Cat Afghan, Baseball Afghan, Christmas ornaments, plus lots and lots of UFO's

PSP = I love working in PSP and working on various tutorials

Sewing = Haven't done it in awhile, miss it and plan to get back.

Surfing the net = lots and lots of pattern sites, Crochet Partners , JPF, Crochetville

Favorite TV shows = Law and Order, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, The Dog Whisper, One Life to Live,

Gardening = My spring flowers are looking great and my tomato plants re getting huge! I have planted a lot of Morning Glories and Moonflowers that I can't wait to flower.

My Kitty = Alison, who loves to be scratched.

My Girlfriends = Who save my life every week by listening to me gripe about my wonderful life!