This is me yesterday and today. I went up to the desert to visit my mother and all day had this headache. I woke up with it two day in a row. I tend to suffer with migraines and I didn't treat this like one until late this afternoon. My normal routine of Advil just didn't cut it and I am currently out of Imitrex. A friend suggested Excedrin and to my surprise it worked! I am still a little sore, especially my back and in need of a deep tissue massage, but my head feels 99% better than it did a few hours ago. My friend said that it is the caffeine that is in the Excedrin that does the trick. I have to remember that when this happens again.

On to better things. Yesterday not only did I visit with my mom but also my sister, my niece and her baby daughter that I have crocheted and knit for in previous entries on this blog. The red hat from the post below came out smaller than I thought. Still a little big for the baby, but we put it on her anyway and here is the result. Isn't she a doll!

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vegasangelbrat said...

Oh she looks adorable in the hat you made :) Cutie pie for sure!!