Sun Center Granny Square

I have had this pattern and yarn for a long time. I have dragged this yarn around for years. I finally made the first square. It is a fun pattern. The sun is made with triple crochets and double-triple crochets. I had to look up how to do a dtr. Google dtr and you get a page for diseal truck resource, Data Termial Ready or from the Urban Dictionary:

1. DTR define the relationship
2. DTR Desktop reconnaissance
3. DTR Determining the relationship
The oddest is:
4. DTR Short for DraTeR ...Just read it backwards(1) You freakin' DTR
(2) This guy is DTR'ed

Google dtr crochet and you can find out how do do a double crochet. Anyway, this is my result of learning the dtr: the Sun Center Granny Square

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Shawnee said...

That is a gorgeous square!

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